Philadelphia 1921

June 2017

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The Berlingers: Celebrating 30 Years of Service to the Philadelphia PGA It is not often that you find the type of dedication in employees that make way for a 30 year stint with one organization but in the case of Carl and Ellen Berlinger that is exactly what you will find. Carl and Ellen Berlinger both came to work for the Philadelphia PGA after retiring from careers in different industries. Carl is a retired history teacher from the Upper Moreland school district while Ellen worked in a variety of fields, something she continues to do to this day. If you have played in any Philadelphia PGA tournament since the late 1980s chances are you have crossed paths with one or both of the Berlingers. Carl can be seen first thing in the morning setting the tee markers and checking hole locations before patrolling the course until the last group finishes. Meanwhile the work for Ellen starts before the first tee shot is hit. From taking registrations to setting tee times and pin sheets, Ellen does her best to make sure the needs of every person playing in the event are met to the best of her ability. However, the work does not stop there. Ellen can also be seen at every tournament posting scores until all groups have finished play before working late into the night to settle the tournament purse and award the points. When it's all said and done Ellen will return to the office to begin the cycle again while Carl will travel to the next course to begin setup before the next event. Although some people are content to sit back in their retirement the Berlingers have found pleasure in serving the game and people they love in their second careers and for that we say thank you!

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