Philadelphia 1921

June 2017

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Every day, whether at 6:00 AM at a tournament site or at 7:00 PM the same day, Ellen always had a smile for you, a kind word, or a shoulder to cry on. On the phone, when you had a tale of woe about your tee time, or a missed entry, there was usually interest or caring about resolving your issue. Carl always had his big mitt out to shake your hand, tell you a story or a joke. He always had the uncanny way of finding those tough pin placements. He was always lurking to help you find your ball, speed up play, or pull out the rule book and complicate what you already thought you knew. Carl always swore that he never picked up a ball that was still warm on the bottom. You would have to spend some time with them to realize the many hours they spent before, during and after an event. Long before anyone showed up and long after we had all gone home, nothing that could be done and nothing that was supposed to be done was ever left unattended. The older professionals among us know and the younger ones will learn that to reach your goals and be the best professional you can be you need to have people around you who love their jobs. Carl and Ellen are two people who not only did their jobs but loved their jobs. They made the Philadelphia PGA a better organization and made us better professionals and better individuals. I am proud to call Carl and Ellen friends. — Ken Peyre-Ferry, PGA Life Member Before I begin my comments about my friends Carl & Ellen Berlinger, I want to say that every Section should have such dedicated individuals working on our member's behalf. I met Carl probably 32 years ago while a Head Professional in the Section. Carl was a golf coach for Upper Moreland and our course was their home course. After retiring after 25 years as coach and school teacher, Carl started working in the Philadelphia Section as a tournament field staff member. Today his expertise is used for course set up and the on-site running of our events. Before her work in the Section office, Ellen had a framing business which many Sections members still use for Hole in One pictures, flags etc. Ellen works in our Section but on tournament events she is used as a starter and scorekeeper. Both Carl and Ellen are always available for any Section member to call for their advice as well as rules questions. All Philadelphia members are fortunate to have such a devoted couple helping make our playing experience the best it can be. — Jack Connelly, PGA of America Past President

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